Removal of on-line services for DIT alumni and former students

When you have finished your studies with DIT, we would like to advise you that the on-line services which you have been provided with for the duration of your studies will be disabled from June 1st 2017. These services include:

  • DIT email and online storage (
  • Wireless access (Eduroam and DIT wifi)
  • DIT Webcourses (
  • Access to student PC labs in DIT campuses


If you have any data that you wish to retain, you should transfer it from your DIT account by May 31st 2017. You might also want to advise your contacts of an alternative email address, and save details of your contacts. For large volumes of email or data, you can use Google Takeout to create an archive of your data. To use Google Takeout, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your DIT email account at
  • Click on the Google Apps icon in the top-right corner (3x3 array of black squares)
  • Select "My Account"
  • Under the "Personal info & privacy" heading, select "Control your content"
  • Select "Create archive" and select what data you want to export
  • Select "Next" and decide on the format and delivery options for your data and select "Create archive"

Please note ICT Services are not in a position to provide support for Takeout, but Google have published a useful help page.


While your studies in DIT have finished for now, you can still keep in contact with DIT through our Graduate Network. This service for alumni has over 13,000 members on LinkedIn, and provides valuable information for DIT graduates around the world.

I'm still a student, what can I do?

Please note that ICT Services relies on information from the DIT Student Administration System to determine whose eligibility for service has ended. In the event that your studies are still continuing, then please contact your School in DIT as soon as possible. Your school may then confirm your details with the DIT Registration Service, or advise what you should do.

I've notified my School that I'm still a student. Now what?

Once your status as a current student has been recorded on the Student Administration System before June 1st 2017, then your account will not be disabled. Your local Registration Service office will be able to confirm if you are registered as a current student.

Can I get an extension?

Unfortunately, ICT Services is not in a position to grant temporary extensions for accounts due to close.


Thanks for taking the time to read this message and best wishes for the future.

ICT Services

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