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Mercury Rising - DIT Online Blood Pressure Management Programme

Posted: 13 February, 2015

In February 2015, DIT and Diet and Health Solutions Ltd. are launching a free online programme for all DIT staff seeking to control their blood pressure.

Fact: 67% of Irish Men and 57% of Irish women aged over 45 years have high blood pressure

Fact: High blood pressure can seriously increase your risk of heart disease and stroke

Fact: High blood pressure can usually be treated effectively by diet and lifestyle changes

This free, confidential and effective six-week programme will be overseen by qualified dieticians from the School of Biological Sciences and will be run in association with DIT’s wellness at work initiative.

The programme will include a before and after weight  and blood pressure check, and regular personalised online dietary advice and videos to help you take the pressure off your heart.

So don’t delay, book today – secure your place on this programme by emailing:

Download more information about the DIT Blood Pressure Programme