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Hold Your Head Up: Stanhope Street says no to bullying

Posted: 13 April, 2015

The Stanhope Street Girls’ Choir and their charismatic choirmaster P. J. Gargan came to DIT Bolton Street at lunchtime today to perform ‘Hold Your Head Up’ – their anti-bullying anthem which is now available on iTunes and heading for the charts!

The ‘Hold Your Head Up’ anthem, performed by the Choir, is about the idea of young people empowering young people, through positive actions, and taking pride in themselves,  It was launched in the Law Society on 27 March and has been featured on the John Murray programme on RTE Radio One. 

The Choir sang several songs for the benefit of students and staff having lunch in the social area and those viewing from the balconies above, conducted by P. J. Gargan.  

Hold Your Head Up is now 'live' on iTunes and Spotify and has been getting great feedback over the last few weeks! From Two Tube and The John Murray Show, to 98FM and Woman's Way (to name a few!) lots of people have really been getting behind the Hold Your Head Up anti bullying message, so it really is a case of onwards and upwards for the project. “

You can download Hold Your Head Up on iTunes now for 99 cent, or €2.99 for the full 4 track EP on the following link ‘

Please share what’s happening with Hold Your Head Up via the facebook page ( or on Twitter (