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Architecture students and staff at OIKONET workshop

Posted: 2 June, 2015

The second OIKONET International workshop takes place in Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus, Germany this week, on the topic of “Contemporary Living Patterns: Growth/Shrinkage”.

Participants, including DIT students and staff,  will consider how “All over Europe, demographic change has become an undeniable factor for the development perspectives of municipalities. Whereas large metropolises tend to attract new inhabitants, many cities have to realize that growth is something they can no longer rely on.”

Dublin School of Architecture participants in the workshop, include lecturers Noel Brady and Jim Roche; 4th year architecture students Maire Claire Bligh, Jim Ward, Orla O’ Donnell; John Flynn from 3rd Year; and  2nd year student Jessy Brown.

OIKONET  is a global multi-disciplinary network on housing research and learning.   More details on the organisation and the workshop are available at or you can download more information here