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They made it! Presentation of certificates at Grangegorman

Posted: 10 June, 2015

The President of DIT, Professor Brian Norton presented certificates for specialist training to eight members of the DIT Estates team at Grangegorman yesterday.

The eight colleagues – Noel Boland, Phyllis Brophy, Stephen Dempsey, Tommy McGrath, Martin Murray, John Newman, Michael Tomney and Dominic Wogan – all undertook the specialist security training in preparation for the opening of the new campus.   


Commenting that they were among the first members of staff to move on to the campus in September 2014, the President thanked them for their excellent work and said that they have been key to the successful transition for students and staff.  “We often take for granted that everything works so well, but that is only because you do your jobs so well, so I’d like to thank you and your colleagues on behalf of everyone on campus.”


Michael Tomney, speaking on behalf of his colleagues, thanked the President for his remarks.  He also paid tribute to Phil Kenna, Head of Staff Training and Development and Paul McDunphy, Head of Estates, who were part of the Working Group established to consider the training and development requirements for members of the Estates team at all grades.