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DIT graduate shortlisted for Dyson Awards

Posted: 28 September, 2015

DIT graduate Eilis Delany is one of just two young product designers in Ireland to have their design shortlisted among the global top 20 for the 2015 James Dyson Awards.

Helmet Project Homepage

The winner of the award will receive €37,500 to assist them in further developing their invention.

Eilis, who graduates with a BSc in Product Design next month, developed “Sense” - a retrofitting device that can be incorporated into firefighting helmets to help wearers to better navigate their way around dark spaces at the scene of a fire. According to Delany, “When the device is turned on, it will provide the user with continuous, real-time tactile feedback before taking a step forward.  By slowly turning their heads from left to right, they can detect objects, and by moving their heads up and down they can investigate the area above or below them.”

Helmet Project Story

In developing “Sense” as her final year project, Eilis investigated how other species navigate their environment, including bats.  “Essentially, this project was an experiment based on the senses. Our experience of reality is constrained by our biology, which only allows us to sample a small segment of our surrounding environment. I began to investigate other species of animals, and even tribal natives in an attempt to understand their turns out that we all "sample" the world in a different way. For example, bats use ultrasonic waves to navigate, bloodhounds have millions of receptors on their nose which provides a heightened sense of smell, and rodents use whiskers to "feel" their way around an environment. Since wearable technology was trending this year, I decided to use that to try and broaden what our sense sample.”

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