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Posted: 14 October, 2015

Get involved and learn new skills - DIT LEAD programme open for applications

Are you currently involved in DIT as a Student Leader?

Would you like to receive recognition for the extracurricular and volunteering work that you carry out?

If so you should apply for the DIT LEAD Award!


What is LEAD?

The LEAD Award is DIT’s means of formally recognizing, through academic credits, student’s leadership roles both on and off campus.  LEAD is for students that significantly contribute to DIT through leadership and involvement carried out in DIT’s clubs, societies, sports, DITSU and indeed through volunteering in the community as exceptional DIT students.

Completing the module will give Students the capacity to articulate how they have developed through participation and ensure they get an edge in the job application and interview process – a just reward for their contribution.

So who should apply?

  • Students that are in a leadership role in clubs, societies, sports, DITSU or through volunteering
  • Students that are committed to contributing 100 hours of work into their leadership roles over the course in the next two semesters
  • Students that have shown that they deserve recognition for their work

How many places are there on the award?

  • A maximum of 25 places will be provided on the award

How do students apply?

  • Students will complete an online application form which will be open from October 5th 2015 until October 20th.  Apply for LEAD here
  • Depending on their level of engagement and their application they will then be invited for interview in Rathmines Head office on one of the dates from 27th, 28th, or 29th of October.
  • 25 students will be selected to take their place on the Award, which will begin on Friday the 6th of November 2015.

How will they be selected?

  • Student will be selected on the basis of their leadership opportunities and their level of engagement in extracurricular activities carried out in DIT’s clubs, societies, sports, DITSU or volunteering.  

What is expected of them?

To earn the award Students must complete 100 hours of Engagement in a Leadership role from October 2015- April 2016 (this includes their LEAD award hours). They must also:

  • Attend 2 Days of workshops (1 Per semester)
  • Attend 5 Personal Development evening workshops
  • Attend 3 Mentor Meetings
  • Maintain a Reflective Blog of their activities
  • Submit a final assessment piece on or before April 30th 2016

What award will they receive?

The DIT LEAD Award a level 7 professional development award and membership to the DIT LEAD Alumni, a great place to network personally and professionally.

Where can I find out more?

You can check out the LEAD website: