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Consultation on the preparation of DIT's Second Official Languages Act Draft Scheme

Posted: 16 November, 2016

Since July 2003, The Official Languages Act has been in law.

As a public body, the Act has direct implications for DIT. The primary objective of the Act is to ensure better availability and a higher standard of public services through Irish.  DIT is now obliged, by the Department of Arts, Regional, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs, to prepare our second Official Languages Act Draft Scheme, a 3 Year Statutory Programme that aims to increase and develop the range and standard of services available in Irish to the public from DIT.

The key commitments in DIT’s first scheme, 2012 – 2015, related to providing training in Irish language competency and language awareness for DIT staff in order to begin the process of developing service provision through Irish; an increase in Irish language content in DIT publications, promotional materials, application forms, information leaflets and media and websites; and the promotion of the Irish language on DIT campuses and in student life across the Institute over the past number of years.

The new Scheme will build upon the commitments delivered in our first scheme and will outline the statutory commitments regarding the services the Institute will develop and provide through Irish and bilingually on campus over the next 3 years.

Oifig na Gaeilge is currently preparing DIT’s second Official Languages Act Draft Scheme. We would like to hear the opinions and recommendations of DIT staff, students and the public to inform this Scheme and to explore the development of services in Irish and bilingually across the Institute over time.

Please email Oifig na Gaeilge on with your recommendations by Friday the 16th of December and we look forward to hearing from you with your suggestions for inclusion in DIT’s Official Languages Act Draft Scheme.

A link to DIT’s first Official Languages Act Scheme 2012-2015 is available here.