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Four teams to compete in the final of the 2017 Student Enterprise Competition

Posted: 15 March, 2017

Four teams of DIT students will compete in the final of the 2017 Bolton Trust/DIT Student Enterprise Competition on Wednesday 22 March at 6pm in the FOCAS Institute, DIT Kevin Street.

Student Enterprise 3

Charge Up LTD have developed a business plan for their Wireless QI charging enabled docking stations which will be installed in local businesses (cafes, bars and restaurants) and social gathering areas. The students are in Year 4 of Retail & Services Management in the College of Business. Team: Cillian Tyrrell (team captain), Kevin Chase, Mark Ennis, Gary Harper.

Waffle Ltd. have developed a business plan for Podi, a programmable foot pedal that aims to relieve computer related overuse injuries. Occupational Overuse Injury, also known as Repetitive Strain Injury, is one of the most commonly cited workplace injuries by computer users - 10% of all employee sick notes are for RSI and worker compensation is estimated at $20 billion per year. The Podi aims to reduce stress on the upper limbs by sharing the workload with the lower limbs. The students are in Year 3 of Product Design in the College of Engineering & Built Environment. Team: Cormac Altman (team captain), Eoin Cullen, Ronan Costeloe, Jamie Ryan.

Core Devices Ltd has developed Ripple Sense, an IOT based, wireless, water level and consumption monitor, intended for use in agricultural applications. Ripple Sense allows farmers to monitor the water levels and consumption in livestock feeding tanks removing the need for frequent manual checks. This provides farmers with more time to spend on other important tasks around the farm also saving costs through lost time and vehicle maintenance. The students are in Year 3 of Product Design in the College of Engineering & Built Environment. Team: Ciaran Sullivan (team captain), Evan Stuart, Olivia Holbrook, Rachael Ryan.  

EKKO Ltd. is an environmentally conscious company which takes waste scallop shells, produced by seafood manufacturing companies, and processes them to create useful and eco-friendly products. Many shellfish companies around Ireland are faced with the problem of disposing of their waste shells, which may sit, unused, in huge waste containers. EKKO Ltd. will provide a service to these companies by recycling their waste shells and creating new products. The students are in Year 3 of Product Design in the College of Engineering & Built Environment. Team: Ciara Mc Donald (team captain), Saoirse McLoughlin, Donnachadh Mullen, Karen Tracey.

The competition will be judged by Pat McCormack, Chair (representing Bolton Trust), Gavin Davidson (DIT Hothouse), Sarah Ward (AIB), Jacob Claflin (Cambrist), Peter Sheridan (formerly of Enterprise Ireland).

The winning team will take home the grand prize of €2500.

The main objective of the competition is to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship among DIT students and to encourage and support a rigorous business planning approach to entrepreneurial activities. The competition is open to teams of registered DIT students.

The sponsors of this year’s competition are AIB, Bolton Trust, DIT Hothouse and Enterprise Ireland. It is also supported through the invaluable contributions of local organisers, lecturers, and the members of the judging panels for the semi-finals and final.

Best of luck to all involved!