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ESB to support DIT literacy support programme CLiC News

Posted: 23 March, 2017

DIT is delighted to announce the support of the ESB Energy for Generations Fund to further develop the successful DIT literacy support programme, CLiC News.


Children’s names – Chloe (blue bow) aged 10, Julia (green bow) aged 9, Marzuq (taller boy) aged 9 and Delcio aged 9. Children are from St Audoen’s Primary School, the Liberties, Dublin 8.

With the support of the ESB Energy for Generations Fund, the CLiC News team will be in a position to expand to more schools and pupils across Ireland to support the development of literacy and communication skills at primary level. The plans include designing an app to improve the process by which DIT journalism students can moderate children’s comments. The app will also allow for greater numbers of children to access CLiC News. is a restricted access website developed by the DIT Access and Civic Engagement Team to provide a unique literacy resource for 4th, 5th and 6th class primary school teachers. The programme forms part of the DIT Students Learning with Communities programme and content is managed and moderated by DIT students of journalism who get course credit for their work. There are currently 32 schools involved nationwide with 800 students from 9-12 years using CLiC News. Since 2011, over 220 DIT students have produced 6,000 stories, which generated 60,000 comments from more than 3,000 school children.