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DIT shines in rainy St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Posted: 27 March, 2017

DIT took part once again in the St. Patrick’s Festival Parade in Dublin.

The theme for this year’s Festival was ‘Ireland you are….’ and the DIT pageant response was both reflective and humorous.  A fantastic team of 120 students, staff and graduates – wearing black-and-white face paint and ponchos – pushed giant cubes from Grangegorman to Great Western Way to take their place in the Parade.  Members of the Dance Soc and the DJ Soc not only set the tempo but kept it up the whole way to Kevin Street, despite weather that was unkind to say the least!

Images submitted by students were blown up to 1 metre square and adorned all sides of the 3-metre high cubes.  Dancers danced the whole way, while walkers carried road signs pointing in two directions.  Onlookers were delighted to spot their favourite directions that included things like:

-          Kimberley 1 k/ Mikado 2 k;

-          St. Brigid’s Cross 3 k /St. Brigid’s Happy 3 k;

-          Amadán 5k/Genius 10 k;

-          St. Patrick’s Close 1 k/St. Patrick’s Faraway 6 k

-          Banjaxed 5k/Sorted 3k


St Patrick’s Day Parade

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