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DIT graduate is RHA Emerging Photographer

Posted: 19 May, 2017

Therese Rafter, who graduated from DIT last year with a degree in Photography, has won the very prestigious RHA Curtin O'Donoghue Emerging Photographic Award for 2017.

The RHA  recognises artists for their achievement in various disciplines and makes awards in the context of the annual RHA Exhibition which opens to the public on 23 May.

Therese Rafter's series of photographs, entitled 'Corral', contrasts the breeding of 'show birds' with that of poultry bred for consumption:

"In this series of photographs, made with the cooperation of enthusiasts in the esoteric world of poultry breeding, the premium value given to the appearance of chickens bred for display contrasts with the invisibility of the ubiquitous bird supplied by the food industry. The pure bred bird 'in itself' appeals to the appetites of the eye, whereas the average 6 billion food industry fowl raised annually in Europe are seen at the end of a process that reshapes and rewraps it as a product. While one is an object of marvel and intense attention to biological diversity, its industrial cousin barely enters our collective consciousness. These show birds are objects of love over commerce, their handlers coaxing their best performance."

The photographs were first exhibited as part of the DIT Graduate Show 2016.  The 187th RHA Exhibition will run from 23 May to 12 August in the RHA Gallery, Ely Place, Dublin 2.

You can also see the work of this year's DIT graduates of Photography at the Graduate Exhibition which opens on Saturday 03 June in the Gallery of Photography, Temple Bar.