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The winning dish: DIT student wins international award

Posted: 12 June, 2017

Shayne Curtin, MSc student in Culinary Arts and Food Technology at DIT, has won the Student Award at the 5th International Note by Note Cooking contest at AgroParisTech in Paris.

Winning dish by Shayne Curtin: “Isomalt Onion, Béarnaise Foam, Carrageen Tartare & Synthetic Truffle.”

Chefs and students from fifteen countries came to Paris to compete in the contest of Note by Note cuisine - a style of cooking based on molecular gastronomy, created by Hervé This in which dishes are made using pure compounds instead of using animal or plant tissues.  The topic of this Fifth International Contest for Note by Note Cooking was “Fibrous consistencies and acidities”.   

Shayne Curtin has studied Advanced Molecular Gastronomy as part of his MSc programme in DIT and using the principles of Note by Note cooking his winning dish at the international student category is described as “Isomalt Onion, Béarnaise Foam, Carrageen Tartare & Synthetic Truffle.”   The award in the professional chef category went to Dao Nguyen and Pasquale Altomonte.

The contest was organized by Yolanda Rigault, Odile Renaudin and Hervé This (AgroParisTech-Inra Centre for Molecular Gastronomy). The sponsors were the Iqemusu Company, Louis Francois Inc. and Belin Inc.

DIT would also like to thank LaRousse Foods Ltd for their generous sponsorship of Shayne’s travel to the competition.

L to R: Yolanda Rigault, Hervé This, Shayne Curtin (DIT), Andrea Camastra, Michael Pontif and Jean-Claude François