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Network of women leaders at DIT host inspirational workshop

Posted: 16 June, 2017

The Women Leaders in Higher Education (WLHE) network hosted an inspirational workshop for women at DIT, which included two powerful talks by Teresa Mannion (RTÉ) and Prof. Celine Marmion (Royal College of Surgeons).

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The workshop, which was held in DIT Aungier Street on the afternoon of June 14, was attended by over 80 women academics, technical and administrative staff from across the Institute.

Dr Sheila Flanagan, DIT Head of Academic Planning and Policy, facilitated the event, ending her opening address with the poignant quote: ‘Your net worth is only as good as your network.'

Dr Christine O'Connor, Assistant Head of the School of Food Sciences and Health, spoke of the vision of the WLHE to support, encourage and advocate for women in career advancement and promotion across DIT.

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The guest speakers shared their personal and career journeys, lessons learned and people that influenced their career choices.

Teresa Mannion, Senior Broadcaster at RTÉ and a DIT alumna, shared the following words of advice from her successful career at RTÉ: ‘don’t stand in the way of yourself’, ‘life is short, step out of your comfort zone, take leaps of faith and push through the fear,’ stating that some of her most rewarding professional experiences came from those moments when she took a risk.

Teresa urged women to embrace the good and the bad when life throws you curveballs, to move forward and know that ‘all your experiences make you who you are.’

There were many insights to take away from Prof. Celine Marmion’s talk, drawn mostly from her twenty years with the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (RCSI), a career that saw her achieve leadership roles including Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

Celine spoke of how her personal and professional networks were key to her success, urging women to push themselves to make new connections: ‘your network will bring you nothing but benefit.’ She encouraged women to find a ‘good mentor to push you, someone you aspire to and that has similar personality traits to you.’ She also said to take risks, to be authentic and remain true to yourself at all times, to be absolutely passionate and positive in what you do, to work smarter and be strategic in your approach to work: ‘you deserve a work-life balance, do not compromise on that.’

Celine commended the WLHE, stating that she feels this kind of network can make a big contribution to the advancement of women in third-level education. 

The afternoon included opportunities for networking and making connections with colleagues, along with breakout sessions where participants explored their professional network, evaluating the strength and diversity of ties, and identifying gaps that could be strengthened.   

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This workshop is the second in a series hosted by the WLHE for women at DIT. Following the fantastic turn-out and positive, supportive atmosphere of the first two workshops, the WLHE plan to host two events each year going forward. 

If you wish to join the WLHE Network, you can access the Google group link here

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