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Professor Bing Wu joins Chinese Overseas Advisory Council

Posted: 24 July, 2017

Professor Bing Wu, Head of International Partnering and Engagement in DIT, has been invited to become a member of the 'Overseas Expert Advisory Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Chinese State Council'.


Professor Bing Wu, with a copy of a book he co-authored

Dr. Noel O’Connor, the Director of Student Development in DIT with responsibility for internationalisation, congratulated Professor Wu.  He said “This is a great personal honour for Professor Wu and it reflects his commitment to building links between Ireland and China over many years.”

The Overseas Expert Advisory Committee was first established in 2005, comprising of prominent scientists, scholars  and  entrepreneurs  from  various countries, including Prof Zhenning Yang a Chinese Nobel Laureate in Physics and Prof Shing-Tung Yau who was awarded the Fields Medal in 1982. The Council now has approximately 200 international members. Its main purpose is to contribute to China’s modernization by advising on science and technology and economic development, and providing advice on the implementation of the "Overseas Talent Service for the State" for the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the China State Council.


Professor Bing Wu with colleagues Dr. Katrina Lawlor and Ms Marie O’Flynn, College of Business, promoting DIT at one of China’s top 100 High Schools.