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DIT alumni launch new content agency - Far From Avocados

Posted: 18 August, 2017

DIT Alumni Aidan Coughlan and Amy Cannon have launched new content agency, Far From Avocados, a Dublin based operation specialising in digital content marketing.

The company founded by Aidan Coughlan, who graduated from DIT with a BA in Media Arts in 2008 and DIT PhD Candidate, Amy Cannon, is made up of a team of journalists and marketers who plan, design, produce, write, shoot, snap, record and distribute digital content that cuts through the noise and makes audiences pay attention to what brands have to say.

Commenting on the launch of Far From Avocados, Co-founder and managing director Aidan Coughlan said, “Audiences are absolutely sick to death of being bombarded with brand messages, and they’re switching off as a result. This is happening now more than ever, thanks to the advent of social media and information overload. Think of it – why would someone put up with advertising content like they used to on traditional media, when they had no other choice when there are millions of pieces of more interesting content vying for their attention?”

Co-founder Amy Cannon agrees and says that the only way to get cut-through is to adopt the mindset of publishers – and provide content pieces, on brand platforms, that are of genuine interest to the target audience. Our tagline “Think Like Marketers, Act Like Publishers” really captures what we do. With a publisher’s mentality and target market expertise at our core, we are able to tap into our audiences and create for them quality features and pieces that they actually want to consume.

Far From Avocados celebrated the opening of its new office on Harrington Street last week and is currently hiring two additional recruits to bring the total team to six. Find out more at