jennifer_dorney.jpg Jennifer Dorney

Project Title : Physical and chemical properties of industrially relevant nanoparticles

PhD Student with Dr. Gordon Chambers, Dr. Alan Casey and Dr. Hugh Byrne.

Brief Biography:

On completion of a BSc (ord) in Physical and Life Sciences (Applied Chemistry) and graduating with 2.1 (honours) result Jennifer then graduated with BSc (hons) in Chemical Sciences from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2007. Final year project was carried out in the Chemical Development Unit of Fingerprint Section in the Forensic Science Laboratory located in the Garda Technical Bureau, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park. Entitled “Chemical Analysis of Latent Fingerprint Residue using GC-MS”.

Jennifer spent the summer of 2005 working as a research student in the Chemical Development Unit in the Fingerprint Section where she carried out a detailed continuation of her 3rd year project. Jennifer also worked as a research student under the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded scheme UREKA (Undergraduate Research Experience & Knowledge Award) for the summer of 2006. This is a 12 week summer position where undergraduate students have the opportunity to conduct research as part of an on going project in an excellent research environment.

Research Interests:

Commenced a PhD in April 2008 as part of the PRTL1 NanoTEIRE program at the NanoLab in the Focas Institute. The title of the project is “The Physico- Chemical Properties of Nano-Particles of Technological Relevance”.

Currently Jennifer is studying the physical and chemical properties of a variety of industrially relevant nanoparticles. The study employs a variety of analytical techniques such as Zeta Potential, Dynamic Light Scattering Particle sizing, BET surface area measurements, AFM, TEM, SEM and a full spectroscopic analysis (IR, Raman, Absorbance and Emission spectroscopies) to asses a number of different parameters characteristic of nanoparticles to aid in the evaluation in the toxicity profile of a variety of nanoparticles.


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