nialloclaonadh.jpg Niall Ó Claonadh, Bsc.

Project Title : Determination of the Leaching and Migration Potential of Metallic Nanoparticles from Food Packaging


Dr. Alan Casey, Dr. Gordon Chambers

Brief Biography

In 2007 Niall graduated from the School of Chemistry at Dublin Institute of Technology with a 2.1 honors degree in Forensic and Environmental analysis. Niall’s personal interests are very broad ranging and his experience covers a vast spectrum from nanolithography to food safety analysis.As an undergraduate student Niall took a summer research position(2005) in the Focas institute under the UREKA program (Undergraduate Research Experience & Knowledge Award)This research focused on the area of photovoltaic cells and was supervised by Dr Gordon Chambers.As part of the Forensic and Environmental analysis degree course a lengthy work placement is required. Niall underwent his placement at Intel Ireland working as nanolithography engineer with the quarter micron line group.

Niall’s final year project was based at the Central Meat Control Lab in Kildare and focused on the analysis of nitrates and nitrites in cured meat . This project involved method development and identification of weaknesses in legislation . 

Research Interests

Niall commenced research into the area of metallic nanoparticle applications in October 2007 with the NanoLab group.The area upon which Niall is focusing his efforts is determination of the Leaching and Migration Potential of Metallic Nanoparticles from Food Packaging. This is a very new area in the application of metallic nanoparticles and the project will consist of material synthesis and analysis as well as reviewing all relevant legislation associated with nanometals and food contact materials. Analytical techniques such as atomic absorption spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy , Raman spectroscopy amongst others will be utilised during the project.


Name : Niall Ó Claonadh, Bsc.

PhD student, NanoLab

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