Annual Student Yearbook of Projects 2002

The yearbook content is written by the final year degree students of the School of Physics who undertook a physics project. Edited, designed and produced in the School of Physics by Des O’Mahony.

pdficonsm Download the Complete Yearbook 2002 (2.8Mb)

The paper copy of the yearbook may be requested from the School Secretary

Individual sections available as follows:
pdficonsm Front Matter, Foreword, Contents
pdficonsm Niamh Byrne
The Measurement of the Light Output from a Variety of Medical Imaging Display Devices
pdficonsm Clodagh Carroll
The Interaction of Carbon Nanotubes with Supramacromolecules
pdficonsm Pat Chambers
Investigation of the Chaotic Dynamics of an Electronic Analogue of the Duffing Oscillator
pdficonsm David Charles
Comparison of the Resonant Frequencies of Real and Computer-Simulated Soundboards
pdficonsm Jennifer Conroy
The Application of Spectroscopy in the Analysis of Biological Samples
pdficonsm Michelle Conway
Investigation of the Freedericksz Transition in Liquid Crystals
pdficonsm Gerard Duff
Investigation of The Wigner Function and Quantum Entanglement
pdficonsm Sinead Egan
The Spectral Characterisation of Plasma Deposition Processes
pdficonsm Colm Faherty
Preservation of the Structural Integrity of Modified Phases of C60
pdficonsm David Fitzpatrick
Simulations of Bound Electronic Wavefunctions within Potential Wells
pdficonsm David Fleming
Cold Gas Plasma-Induced Surface Activation Effects
pdficonsm Chanel Hayden
Determination of the UV-VIS Transmission of Contact Lenses
pdficonsm Alan Kelly
Quantised Conductance in Nanocontacts
pdficonsm Sa’id Koya
An Investigation of the One-Dimensional Ising Model
pdficonsm Sharon McDermott
Spectroscopic Study of the Manufacturing Process of Contact Lenses
pdficonsm Andrew Norris
Plasma Activation of Biomedical Polymers
pdficonsm Barry O’Connell
Construction and Characterisation of an Organic Molecular Field Effect Transistor
pdficonsm Luke O’Neill
pdficonsm Séverine Philippe
Investigation of the Vibrations of a Thin Steel Plate

Paul Ryan
Computerised Technique to Determine and Analyse the Coefficient of Restitution