yearbookcover04 Annual Student Yearbook of Projects 2004

The yearbook content is written by the final year degree students of the School of Physics who undertook a physics project. Edited, designed and produced in the School of Physics by Des O’Mahony.

pdficon Download the Complete Yearbook 2004 (3.1Mb) (3.1Mb)

The paper copy of the yearbook may be requested from the School Secretary

Individual sections available as follows:
pdf icon Foreword, Contents, About Physics at DIT
pdf icon Optical & Electronic Properties of Magnesium Fluoride Layers
Denis Bade (Supervised by Dr Zillur Rahman)
pdf icon The Solubilisation of Single-Walled Nanotubes by Small Organic Molecules
Naomi Brant (Supervised by Dr Hugh Byrne)
pdf icon Precision Electronic Measurements using an EG&G 5105 Lock-in Amplifier
Michael Byrne (Supervised by Dr Breandán Ó hAnnaidh)
pdf icon Spectroscopic Analysis of Products of UV Exposure in Skin Cell Cultures
Lisa Connolly (Supervised by Aidan Meade, Dr Hugh Byrne & Dr Fiona Lyng)
pdf icon Measurement of Radon in the Workplace and Estimation of the Risk of Lung Cancer
Robert Doyle (Supervised by Dr Tom Cantwell)
gk An Atmospheric Solar Irradiance Model
Joseph Farrell (Supervised by Dr James Walsh)
pdf icon Chaos in a Dripping Tap
Stephen Fisher (Supervised by Dr Cathal Flynn)
pdf icon Demonstration of the Principles of Computed Tomography
Barry Haycock (Supervised by Dr Des O’Mahony)
gk Phase Change in Plethysmography Signals
Fiona Hughes (Supervised by Aidan Meade & Dr Pat Goodman)
pdf icon Spectroscopic Studies of Quantum Dots
Ronan Keaney (Supervised by Dr John Doran)
pdf icon An Evaluation of CODE V Optical Software
Brian Kenny (Supervised by David O’Brien)
pdf icon De-Roping of Carbon Nanotube Bundles
Jennifer McCartin (Supervised by Elizabeth Gregan)
pdf icon Self-Assembly Process of Polysaccharides for the Purification of Carbon Nanotubes
Jonathan Moghal (Supervised by Dr Gordon Chambers)
pdf icon Detection of Low Frequency EM Radiation in the Laboratory
Jarlath Molloy (Supervised by Dr Cyprian Feeley)
pdf icon Image Noise Analysis for Medical X-ray Images
Camilla O’Beirne (Supervised by Aidan Meade & Colin Walsh)
pdf icon Performance Assessment of a Digital Mammography System
Barbara O’Connell (Supervised by Tom Cantwell & Tom Heary)
pdf icon Particle Size Determination using Mie Scattering
Gráinne O’Donnell (Supervised by Dr Fran Pedreschi)
pdf icon Photophysical Investigation into the Role of Vibrational Coupling in pi-Conjugated Oligomers using Infrared Spectroscopy
David Owens (Supervised by Dr Hugh Byrne)
pdf icon To Assess the Feasibility of a Simple Analogue Continuous Phase Modulation Circuit for Use as an Undergraduate Lab
Andrew Quirke (Supervised by Art O’Hare)
pdf A Spectroscopic Study of the Curing Process of Contact Lenses
Florian Roick (Supervised by Dr Robert Howard)