yearbookcover05 Annual Student Yearbook of Projects 2005

The yearbook content is written by the final year degree students of the School of Physics who undertook a physics project. Edited, designed and produced in the School of Physics by Des O’Mahony.

pdficon Download the Complete Yearbook 2005 (5.3Mb)

The paper copy of the yearbook may be requested from the School Secretary

Individual sections available as follows:
pdf Foreword, Contents, About Physics at DIT
pdf Real-Life Application of Linear Algebra
Mohammed Al-Kalbani (Supervised by Dr Susan Lazarus, Mathematics)
pdf Eye Patterns and Error Rate Analysis in Optical Communications
David Corish (Supervised by Art O’Hare)
pdf Measurement of Verdet Constants using Alternating Current Magnetic Fields
James Cryan (Supervised by Dr Breandán Ó hAnnaidh)
pdf Feasibility of the Spectroscopic Authentication of Honey
Brian Devine (Supervised by Dr Gordon Chambers)
pdf Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Vacuum-Grown Metallic Films
Eoghan Dillon (Supervised by Dr Des O’Mahony & Dr Fran Pedreschi)
pdf Development and Calibration of a Phantom for Döppler Flow Measurements
Tracy Doyle (Supervised by Dr Pat Goodman & Dr Jacinta Browne)
pdf Spectroscopic Analysis of the Products of Ionising Radiation Exposure in Cells
Fatima Gholizadeh (Supervised by Aidan Meade)
pdf Studies of Quantum Dot Samples for Solar Collection
Rory Hanrahan (Supervised by Dr John Doran)
pdf Industrial Optical Food Detection and Sorting
Paul Irving (Supervised by Dr James Walsh)
pdf Temperature Dependence of the Photoluminescence Spectra of Conjugated Organic Systems
John Paul Kearney (Supervised by Dr Hugh Byrne)
pdf In-vivo Dosimetry using Diodes in External Radiotheraphy
Emma Kelly (Supervised by Dr Tom Cantwell & Aidan Meade, DIT and
Martin Sheridan & Colin Rooney, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital)
pdf Growth and Determination of Electrical and Optical Properties of Thin Films of a Dielectric Substance
Ayesha Mahmood (Supervised by Dr Zillur Rahman)
pdf Atomic Force Microscopy of Nanomaterials
David McMahon (Supervised by Dr Des O’Mahony & Dr Gordon Chambers)
pdf Simulation of the Propagation of Galactic Cosmic Rays
Alan Perse (Supervised by Dr Justin Donnelly)
pdf Electrical Safety Measurements on Physiotherapy Equipment
Aisling Walsh (Supervised by Dr Tom Cantwell, Aidan Meade & Dr Jacinta Browne, DIT and Tom Heary, Beaumont Hospital & St. Joseph’s Hospital Raheny)