Committees of Academic Council

To further assist it in exercising its general responsibilities, Academic Council delegates some of its functions to specialist committees which carry them out in accordance with clearly defined terms of reference.

  • Academic Quality Assurance Committee
  • Graduate Research School Board
  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy Committee
  • Apprentice Education Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Recruitment and Admissions Committee
  • Student Experience Committee

Academic Quality Assurance Committee

The Academic Quality Assurance Committee is responsible for:

  • monitoring the implementation of the Institute's procedures for the validation, review and approval of courses (undergraduate and postgraduate), as set out in the Academic Quality Enhancement Handbook
  • monitoring Partnerships with External Organisations
  • developing and monitoring the Institute's examination and assessment procedures and regulations and the General Assessment Regulations
  • reviewing admission standards and procedures and for co-ordinating the administration of the admissions system within the Institute

Graduate Research School Board

The Graduate Research School Board is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the Institute's research and development policies and through a sub-committee, the Postgraduate Studies Committee, the Institute's Regulations for Postgraduate Study by Research.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy Committee

The Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy Committee is responsible for advising on the development and enhancement of teaching and learning standards and practices within the Institute.

Apprentice Education Committee

The Apprentice Education Committee is responsible for advising on matters relating to apprenticeship education.

Library Committee

The Library Committee is responsible for advising on, developing and monitoring policies on information storage and retrieval and other library issues within the Institute.

Recruitment and Admissions Committee

The Recruitment and Admissions Committee is responsibile for reviewing admission standards and procedures and for co-ordinating the administration of the admissions system.

 Student Experience Committee

The Student Experience Committee will deal at a strategic level, with non-academic issues relating to the DIT community and the student experience in DIT.  It will advise on the implementation of measures for the development of a better student experience in DIT.

Academic Council Organisational chart


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