Graduate Research Fees

Graduate research fees with effect 01st May 2015

Year FT

Year PT









EU full-time €4500 €4500 €4500 €4500
EU Full Time Loyalty*
€2250 €2250 €2250 €2250
EU part-time €3000 €3000 €3000  
EU part-time loyalty €1500 €1500 €1500  
Non-EU full-time €9000 €9000 €9000 €9000
Non-EU full-time loyalty €4500 €4500 €4500 €4500
Non-EU part-time €6000 €6000 €6000  
Non-EU part-time loyalty €3000 €3000 €3000  
EU PhD by Publication** €2500
Non-EU PhD by Publication** €4750

All students are permitted a grace period of up to 6 months after their due date. All students must complete an annual evaluation. Students who fail to submit within the 6 month grace period following their thesis submission date can

  • formally withdraw from the programme and  re-register when they are in a position to submit their thesis.  In this case the student can proceed to examination on payment of the submission fee, €1,000. During the withdrawn period, the student will not have access to facilities and resources including supervision; 


  • continue as a registered student for 1 year only, on payment of the supervision fee, €8,500, in which case they will have full access to facilities and supervision. 


The loyalty fee only applies to new self-funded research students. Prior to application for the loyalty fee, candidates must have successfully completed at least 2 years undergraduate or one year postgraduate education at DIT on a self-funded basis, i.e. candidates must have paid at least two years (or one year, if postgraduate) of full fees, including tuition fee and every other application fee.

For further information regarding fees contact the Graduate Research School Office.