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Construction Management And Technology

Advanced Entry Procedures


B.Sc in Construction (Management)


The DIT is committed to the policy of providing a ladder of opportunity to students, but the numbers available will be dependent on availability of space and lecturing resources.

All applications for advanced entry will be assessed through the following procedure:

  • Candidate applies for advanced entry using standard DIT Advanced Entry Application Form;
  • Initial contact with candidate by e mail and/or phone to establish the potential for advanced entry;
  • Candidate asked to provide documentation to support advanced entry application;
  • Documentation assessed by staff who lecture on the modules from which exemption is being sought;
  • If assessment of documentation is conclusive, the candidate is informed of the outcome of the assessment;
  • If further clarification is required, the candidate is interviewed by staff;
  • Candidate is advised of final decision.

Requirements for Advanced Entry into Stage 2

Applicants must have successfully completed equivalent modules to those in Stage 1 of this programme on a cognate HETAC programme at NQAI Level 6 or higher. Applications which demonstrate successful completion of a relevant suite of modules at this level, on cognate programmes with other awarding bodies, will also be considered.

Requirements for Advanced Entry into Stage 3

Due to the necessity to prepare 2nd year students for Year 3 Semester 1 Work Experience, this programme does not provide for direct entry into Stage 3 for external students.

Requirements for Advanced Entry into Stage 4

Applicants must have successfully completed one of the following:

  • DIT B.Tech in Construction Technology;
  • A Construction Management / Construction Technology or other cognate HETAC programme at NQAI Level 7 with an Upper Merit or higher classification;
  • A relevant cognate programme that is at least equivalent to an NQAI Level 7 with Upper Merit from another awarding body.

In addition, applicants must also demonstrate a strong understanding of the world of work in construction through one of the following methods:

Completion of DIT module CONS3011, Construction Work-Related Project;

Completion of DIT module CONS3007, Work Placement;

The procedure for assessment of previous work experience is detailed at the following link.

School and Industry News

Photo Gallery

A new gallery of photos of activities at DIT's School of Surveying and Construction Management is available here.

Surveying the Future

RICS promotion of careers for Geomatics Surveyors (from the Guardian newspaper).

See the advert.

Graduates Required

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) has today launched its Employment Opportunities and Skills Requirements for Property and Construction Surveying 2014 - 2018 Report.

The report warns of a shortage of qualified graduates coming into the industry which could threaten the pace of recovery in the property and construction sector.


DIT's School of Surveying & Constrution Management held its first Surveying Week for Transition Year students in April 2014.

Please read our Surveying Week DIT 2014 blog to find out about the experience.

If you, or a transition year student that you know, are interested in taking part next year (and this may run at a different time of the year) please contact the school secretary at


Birmingham Trip

DT111/2 & DT117/2 Joint Class Trip to Birmingham to visit sites as described in the accompanying Report on Birmingham trip.

Competition Win

Congratulations to Sai Sri Harsha Sunkrannei who received 3rd place in the final of the CEEC cega competition 2014.

Sai Sri is pictured below with Tom Dunne, Head of School of Surveying and Construction Management, DIT.


International Competition Winners

The School offers its congratulations on winning 1st place in the region 8 Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) competition in Birmingham City University on April 24th 2014 to Matthew O’Grady, Craig Grattan, Michael Hickey and Stephen McCarthy.

The team was mentored by Sonya Meekel who is also Vice Regional Director of region 8 ASC and a member of the competition's organising committee.‌


Surveying Week

The School of Surveying & Construction Management, DIT,  supported by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI), will host its first ever Surveying Week for Second level (Transition Year) students in the week commencing 28th April.

During the week you will be engaged in a range of practical and 'learning by doing' fun activities which showcase the different land/property/construction/geomatics programmes at Ireland's leading Surveying School and a selection of the careers that these programmes can lead to. Please click on Survey Week 2014 to view our information sheet.‌

For more information about making an application to participate please contact Catherine Noble (by Monday April 7th).

Mary McLoughlin Receives Honorary Membership to the SCSI.

Ex staff member Mary Mcloughlin recently received Honorary Membership to the SCSI. This is only the second time such a distinction was given by the SCSI. Click on the picture for more information.

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