BSc. Geographic Science / Eolaíocht Gheografach (DT112)

Careers in Geographic Science

The RICS Geomatics Division has produced the following information about careers in the sector.

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Information on the BSc Geographic Science (DT112) can be downloaded from here.

Brochure on BSc. Geographic Science 

What is Geographic Science?

Well here are the facts and the answers...

  • Geographic Science is the measurement, analysis and management of data relating to the earth and the built environment
  • It is a profession with ancient roots, modern relevance, and an eye to the future
  • Geographic Science professionals:
    • collect information for making maps using lots of new cutting edge technology
    • process this information to produce maps, 3D models and 4D systems of the world around us
    • analyse this information to support good decision-making
    • manage this information for use by lots of different professionals
  • Areas of geographic sceince activities include land, engineering, mine & hydrographic surveying; remote sensing; geographic information systems (GIS); land management; and land administration systems
  • There is full employment for Geographic Science professionals worldwide and there is high mobility for individuals through networks of international professional bodies and learned societies (e.g. FIG - International Federation of Surveyors, RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ISPRS - International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, etc.)
  • Employment for geographic science professionals is found both public bodies and private enterprises in Ireland and worldwide. Check out our section for detailed examples
  • Geographic Science professionals are employed at every level from field and data entry operatives to managing directors (MDs) and chief execuitive officers (CEOs) and good career progression is available to motivated individuals. Check out our section for examples of career directions
  • Careers in geographic science can be demanding but they are also very rewarding

Geographic Science is the career for you if...

  • you love geography but would like to study for an applied career
  • you have an interest in the world around you and how it functions spatially
  • you demonstrate good spatial awareness
  • You are happy using computers and software
  • you are interested in working with cutting-edge technologies
  • you think you would enjoy working in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments
  • you have an interest in or an aptitude for working with numbers

Even if you only say 'yes' to one of the above, please read on about careers in Geographic Science

Why Geographic Science at DIT?

  • DIT's graduates from Spatial Information Science are high employable. In 2012, despite difficult economic conditions, 95% of our graduates gained relevant employment within 6 months of finishing their studies
  • DIT's Geographic Science graduates are employed by leading Irish and worldwide companies. Many of these companies approach the programme staff directly for recruitment of graduates and partake in our semester 6 work placement programme. See information on some of these employers in our section
  • DIT's Geographic Science graduates can become Chartered Surveyors or Professional Members of a number of Professional bodies and accredited organisations
  • Our staff are highly committed and utilise excellent links with the Geographic Information sector both home and abroad to ensure that our students obtain the most up-to-date education and that our graduates remain among the most sought-after nationally and internationally
  • The one-semester work placement programme during third year provides our students with relevant industrial experience and has, for many of our graduates, provided links that resulted in employment directly upon graduation
  • A BSc (Hons) in Geographic Science is an excellent stepping-stone to further studies with recent graduates having undertaken further studies at MSc and PhD levels in areas such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Information Technology, Technology Management, Spatial Planning, Agricultural Monitoring and Archaeological Conservation.
  • DIT's Bolton Street campus is a great place to study with a 100-year record of excellent academic achievement and the guarantee of an exciting student life. Check out our , Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links

If you think Geographic Science @ DIT might be for you, please feel free to contact any member of who would be happy to answer any queries you might have about the programme or potential careers.


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